Accessible from any web-browser or LEAP’s mobile app. You can communicate with clients and colleagues, record time and access matter documentation from anywhere at anytime.

Work anywhere – Seamlessly integrated with the LEAP Platform, our beautifully engineered dedicated iPhone, iPad and Android apps ensure you are connected to your firm wherever you take your device.

Manage correspondence – Scan documents, send emails and generate documents with a few touches, all saved back to the matter automatically and instantly synchronised across all of your devices.

Track your time – Deeply integrated time and disbursement capture ensures every billable item is assigned to the matter efficiently.

LEAP Legal Software Scotland - Mobile & Tablet
LEAP Legal Software Scotland - Legal matter management

Matter Management

Every matter detail in the one place – With LEAP, you manage every detail of every matter from a single location, with every contact, task, correspondence, time entry and financial transaction linked to the matter. Unlimited storage guarantees that all documents, emails, images and video files can be stored against the matter electronically and securely.

Simplified matter opening – Pre-built matter types for most areas of law streamline the matter opening process, simplifying the capture of information critical to the success of the matter.

Search anything – Deep searching across matters and contacts eliminates risk and conflict, and deep correspondence searching makes it easy to find documents.

Document Preparation

Consistent branding – Generate professional and consistently branded automated documents from matter data using LEAP's standard or your own custom precedents.

Extensive standard library – With access to an extensive set of up-to-date and maintained standard precedents in LEAP's library, you do not need to draft your own templates.

Fully customisable – Customise or build your own precedents in minutes with the fully integrated, easy to use precedent editing tools.

LEAP Legal Software Scotland - Legal document preparation
LEAP Legal Software Scotland - Legal content

Legal Content

We do the work so that you don’t have to.

LEAP combines world-leading technology with the provision of quality content, the breadth and depth of which enables your law firm to produce legal documentation both quickly and accurately directly from the matter.

Our dedication to provide quality content for our clients is what makes us stand out from the competition.

Automated Legal Forms

The most extensive and up-to-date range of legal forms available – Don't waste time searching multiple websites for the correct form. Within LEAP you can always find the most up-to-date form you need with LEAP.

Generate forms on any device – Fully integrated into LEAP, forms can be automated directly from the matter on any connected device.

Fully customisable – Customise or build your own forms in minutes with the fully integrated, easy-to-use editing tools.

LEAP Legal Software Scotland - Automated legal forms
LEAP Legal Software Scotland - Legal document management

Document Management

Your documents. Organised – Every document centrally stored in a matter, accessible from any device wherever you are.

Effective version control – Automated versioning captures every change to a document, with integrated version comments making it easy to manage documents. Inbuilt tools make it easy to roll back to a previous version.

Search anything – Deep correspondence searching makes it easy to find documents across your whole LEAP database, utilising both exact and fuzzy matching across live and archived matters.

Client Accounting

Compliant with your regulator – Legal accounting software engineered to ensure compliance with the the Law Society of Scotland rules and guidelines.

Everything in one place – Every financial transaction for deposit, client and office accounts automatically saved to the matter, with approval processes and payment limits providing additional security when dealing with disbursements, invoices and client transactions.

Seamlessly integrated with the nominal ledger – Automatic posting of journals to Xero eliminates the need to re-enter data between your legal accounting and nominal ledger systems.

LEAP Legal Software Scotland - Client Accounting
LEAP Legal Software Scotland - Email management

Email Management

Seamlessly integrated – Send correspondence from your matter by email, with integrated time capture capturing every activity and saving it back to the matter.

Consistent branding – Generate professional and consistently branded automated emails from matter data using email templates.

Never miss an email – With in-built auto-routing, all received emails are saved to their matter automatically without the need for review.

Time Recording

Integrated into your office – Record every second you are working on documents and emails with our intelligent time recording tools ensuring you never miss billable time.

Capture time away from your desk – With the LEAP Mobile application you can create, edit and view time entries and fixed fees, use voice recognition to dictate your time entries and automatically record time on outgoing phone calls.

Monitor your budget – Track your performance against daily time and fee budgets through the integrated timesheet.

LEAP Legal Software Scotland - Legal time recording
LEAP Legal Software Scotland - Legal billing


Take the pain out of bookkeeping. Track billable units, manage client monies and capture all disbursements.

Fully customisable invoice templates – Build professional and elegant invoices with your own logo and brand, customisable to your exact requirements.

Bill in minutes – The automatic inclusion of time, fees and disbursements simplifies the billing process and reduces the number of billing mistakes, and hourly rate and fixed-free options permit flexibility.

Get paid fast – Integrated automated credit control simplifies debt recovery, saving you time and increasing your cashflow.


Measure performance – Keep your finger on the pulse of your practice, identify trends and maximise the potential of your staff and workload.

Remain compliant – All the reports you need to be compliant with your regulatory obligations across clients, contacts and matters, including float and compliance reporting.

Keep on track – Automate the delivery of key reports to staff members, ensuring your team is up to date with what they need to know.

LEAP Legal Software Scotland - Legal reporting
LEAP Legal Software Scotland - Charges & costs

Charges and Costs

Keep up to date – Peace of mind knowing that all legal rates and charges are maintained for you, keeping your practice compliant with professional obligations.

All in one place – Maintain efficiency in your firm by using LEAP and you will find all your up-to-date legal rates and charges in one place.

Legal Compliance

Easy to capture compliance data – Record all of your key compliance data during matter inception and throughout the life of the matter, including detailed risk assessments.

Remain compliant – All the reports you need to be compliant with your regulatory obligations across clients, contacts and matters, including float and compliance reporting.

Search anything – Deep searching across matters and contacts eliminates risk and the potential for conflict.

LEAP Legal Software Scotland - Legal Compliance

Software Integrations

LEAP provides additional enhancements to the solution through seamless integration with leading software solutions.

LEAP Legal Software Scotland - Office 365 logo

Office 365 – Fully utilising the power of the cloud, LEAP integrates with Microsoft Office 365 to liberate you from your desktop.

It is now possible to work from anywhere – whether at home, a client’s office, in court or on the train – using familiar Office applications.

LEAP Legal Software Scotland - LawConnect logo

LawConnect – Document management, simplified. With just a few clicks you can securely share and collaborate on documents with your clients from within the matter.

Easy to use, yet powerful, you are always in control of your document and can revoke access in a single click.

LEAP Legal Software Scotland - InfoTrack logo

InfoTrack – The award-winning provider of integrated searches, LEAP provides one place for all your key conveyancing tasks, the seamless two-way integration enables law firms to operate more efficiently.

Order searches and reports directly from within LEAP, including Homebuyer reports, Property Enquiry Certificates, hazard reports and Registers of Scotland.

LEAP Legal Software Scotland - RapidPay logo

Rapidpay – Securely integrated with LEAP, RapidPay offers an easy to use client account reconciliation platform and automated receipting service. This helps law firms to improve cash flow, create back office efficiencies and generate cost savings.

LEAP Legal Software Scotland - Xero logo

Xero – Integration with market leading accountancy software makes sharing your firm’s financial data with your accountant easy.

This allows you to complete VAT returns electronically and simplifying cash flow management – all from any device.

LEAP Legal Software Scotland - Xero logo

Zaliet – Provides a Service Portal where your clients can communicate and collaborate with your firm, 24/7. An easy-to-use dashboard helps manage all incoming enquiries that can convert to a person in LEAP.

They have brought LawConnect features into the product as well, improving workflow and accuracy.

LEAP Legal Software Scotland - Advocate logo

Advocate – Access legal case preparation and presentation software allowing litigators and advocates to collate evidence and legal argument in one place.

LEAP via Advocate allows litigators to focus, be more efficient and achieve the best result for their client.